A primer in understanding all the dimensions of the pricing problem and opportunity in Marketplace-platforms by Simone Cicero and Manfredi Sassoli de Bianchi

THE NEW GROWTH LANDSCAPE #1 — read 2,3,4,5,6

Framing the new growth landscape for growth, network effects dependent Value Propositions by Simone Cicero and Manfredi Sassoli de Bianchi

Research Update #8 - How Technological trends and a new landscape of Risk will reshape the network-based economy of the next decade

How ubiquitous contracting can speed up the crisis of the Industrial Age Bureaucracies


The incredible leverage that industrial, mechanistic, scientific management has provided to organizations, coupled with their headless-ness, and lack of liability has produced immense harm on the planet and human society. Once every trace of context was removed from organizing, the tragedy of the Commons became the norm.

Building Platform-Ecosystem last movers by embracing a Long-term and inclusive perspective

Combining the unbundling of capabilities, innovation portfolio management and entrepreneurial organization models.

Simone Cicero

Co-Creator of, Thinkers50 Radar 2020 Co-Founder of Boundaryless

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